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Trapstar Publications was started to end the stagnation in Hip-Hop. In the Hip-Hop evolution the world has seen the musical elements of our culture soar. Rappers. DJ.'s , Producers, and Artist Managers. Ect. have made Millions, traveled the world and has literally dominated all musical genres.  While at the same time our other  Original Hip-Hop Pilers Graffiti and The 5th Element Knowledge has been left behind. No Graffiti Artist with Chains and 10 Bentleys and as far as  knowledge ? Educational Apathy is currently rampant in our communities .  Our Stance ? We will not sit back and celebrate half baked Hip-Hop. With all our excellence in song and dance. Hip-Hop Art & Street literature must be preserved or We only have a musical movement. Actually hip-Hip Culture has not been in full effect for over 30 years. In The Mainstream you've  been enjoying the M.C & The D.J Elements of Hip-hop Every since Street art appreciation and the Thirst for Knowledge left the hood. Join the Inner City Hip-Hop art & Hip-Hop Literature  Millennium Revival. Trapstar Publications feeds the Streets Graffiti, Hip-Hop Poetry & Street Literature Like no other Before!  Ghetto Greeting Cards Spreaking To The Heart of The Streets. We pay Homage to our Graffiti Pioneers but In continuing the evolution of hip-hop . We Don't Bomb  Trains and Walls For Hood Fame. We Bomb Ghetto Greeting Card Covers to tell our stories.  Educate The Streets. Trapstar Publications.

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